What You Need to Know About Choosing an Insurance Beneficiary

It isn’t always easy choosing a beneficiary for your insurance policy. After all, for some people, it feels like choosing a favorite child or family member. Even if you select several beneficiaries, it can be burdensome deciding how to divide your assets between them and determine how money and other things will be dispersed and used after you’re no longer around to oversee it.

Here, we’ll provide you with some tips to give you peace of mind – and some direction for choosing a beneficiary that will help you rest a little easier.

Some Potential Beneficiaries May Not Be Ready for the Financial Responsibility

It is very common for parents to leave assets to their children or grandparents to leave them to grandchildren. While this gesture is one born of love and is understandable from that perspective, it can be highly impractical – especially if these children or grandchildren are under the age of eighteenth or incapable of handling money properly.

Consider these factors before leaving significant assets to any loved one as part of your policy. If you still want to leave money or assets to a child or other person who might have difficulty managing money, consider establishing a trust fund and appointing a trustee to help them manage it.

You’ll Need a Backup Plan

You might have every intention of leaving your entire estate to your spouse, only to have them pass away at the same time that you do. These unforeseen circumstances can lead to legal complications if secondary beneficiaries are not specified, so always outline a second person or entity who will benefit in the event that your first choice cannot.

Your Beneficiary Doesn’t Have to Be a Person

You can also opt to leave your money and assets to your estate, to a charity or benefit organization, or have them used toward a specific cause. Some people even leave their assets to the betterment of their businesses – it all depends on what is important to you!

When you’re ready for more information on getting started with the process of creating the perfect insurance policy – or fortifying what you already have in place – contact the experts at Peak American Financial. We can help you ensure that all of your affairs are in order, so you can enjoy the here and now. Give us a call today at 800-513-3243 or 972-380-1119

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