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Advisory Services

Retirement Planning is complicated. Let us simplify it for you. Enjoy the comfortable retirement you deserve.

Peak American Investment Advisors services offer fee-based portfolio management services on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. Dedicated to partnering with our clients in the pursuit of growing and preserving their wealth. Our ongoing process of wealth management includes:

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Your investment objectives, constraints and preferences are identified and specified.

Your strategies are developed and implemented through a combination of financial assets.

Capital market conditions and your circumstances are monitored.

We make portfolio adjustments as appropriate to reflect significant changes to any or all relevant variables.

Portfolio Management Services

Peak American Investment Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm committed to managing the assets of individuals and families. We focus on our clients’ needs and strive to tailor our services to meet their individual circumstances and goals.

As investment advisors we engage in two types of portfolio management; discretionary and non-discretionary. On a non-discretionary basis, we provide periodic recommendations to you and if approved and authorized, we will ensure that they are carried out. In making recommendations to you, we consider your circumstances, preferences and objectives.

Portfolios can consist of individual stocks and bonds, options, ETF’s, mutual funds, cash and other securities, or other investment vehicles deemed appropriate. The investment programs identify your investment needs and goals and we determine the appropriate mix of investments to attain that goal.

In the end, our goal is your financial security.

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Peak American Investment Advisors, Inc. Responsibilities:

  • Assisting you in completing a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire and/or other applicable account opening forms.
  • Determining suitability of the program, investment strategy and selected portfolio.
  • Meeting with you at least annually to review any changes in your financial situation.

California Disclosure:

Pursuant  to  California  Code  of  Regulation,  CCR  Section  260.238  (j),  Peak American Investment Advisors,  Inc. hereby discloses that clients may receive the same or comparable services from other financial advisers at a lower fee.

All  material conflicts  of  interest  under  California  Code  of  Regulations,  CCR  Section  260.238  (k)  are disclosed  regarding  Peak American Investment Advisors,  Inc.,  its  representatives,  or  any  of  its  employees,  which could be reasonable expected to impair the rendering of unbiased and objective advice.

Clients are under no obligation to act upon Peak American Investment Advisors, Inc.’s recommendations. If a client elects to act on our recommendations, the client is under no obligation to effect the transaction through us. 

While  we  do  not  participate  in  any  wrap  fee programs,  we  may  refer  suitable  clients  to  a  third  party  advisory service that may offer a wrap fee program.