The Dangers of Relying on Social Security and Pensions for Guaranteed Income for Life

Guaranteed income for life translates to peace of mind. However, as people near retirement and anticipate losing a steady income, the fear of running out of money plagues them.

If you do not have a stable retirement plan, leaving work can present difficult challenges, made worse by the fear of financial instability.

According to Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, at least 43% of our elderly Americans claim that even more than health problems or the thought of dying, the idea of outliving their savings is the scariest feeling they encounter regularly.

Anticipating that they will not be able to protect their portfolios against losses in unstable markets, retirees become anxious as they wonder what they would have to do if money is short and resources are scarce later in their retirement.

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To find solutions, most retirees count on pensions or the Social Security System to support them. However, research reveals that it is actually dangerous to rely on these two elements for economic security.

For one, you can never be sure of consistency when it comes to social security benefits because its money reserves may run out.

A recent report published by The Board of Trustees, The Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Federal Disability Trust Funds state that without changes in the tax system, the Social Security Administration will pay out more in benefits than paid into it. These deficits will begin to eat away at the system’s current reserves. Those reserves are projected to be entirely depleted by 2034. At that point, recipients will only receive around 80 cents per dollar they otherwise would be owed.

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As the sustainability of Social Security becomes less certain with each passing year, one cannot expect to acquire a guaranteed income from the system.

Moreover, while social security can fund some expenses, it surely cannot bear the cost of all.

Medical bills, property insurance, and debt repayments are all costs that can pile up by the time you retire. For that reason, it is not wise to depend on the system entirely.

Pensions, too, cannot provide a guaranteed income; this is because pensions include a pool of funds invested on the employee’s behalf. The earnings on those investments generate income to the worker upon retirement. With unreliable returns on the market and shifts in the ability for companies to cover their costs, pensions are not a reliable source of guaranteed income for life.

Given that social security and pensions may not be the best things to rely on, you must have a reliable retirement savings plan.

To do so, you will need guidance from people who can put your concerns to rest. At Peak American, we offer you just that. To get help and learn more about a structured retirement roadmap, contact us today.