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John Congdon

Financial Advisor, Southern California Region

John Congdon

John Congdon

Servicing California, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee

John Congdon is a Investment Advisor at Peak American Financial Group in Southern California. He has been with our company for four years and has worked in multiple states with thousands of clients. After witnessing poor estate planning within his own family, John has dedicated himself to helping his clients effectively prepare for their retirement. He excels at smart estate planning: nurturing wealth in one’s own estate while minimizing the overall tax burden for all beneficiaries

John is licensed to serve in California, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.

For more information, or to schedule a free financial review, please contact John so he can be prepared to serve you.

Locations Served

California, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Regional Sales Executive
Anthony Lara

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