Tammee Le

Financial Advisor, Northern California Region


Tammee Le

Tammee Le is a Certified Financial Planner serving clients of Peak American Financial Group in Northern California. She is an MBA and has a strong background in the financial industry. Tammee had been working in the investment and wealth management world since 2005. Her experience is a valuable tool that she uses to help clients better prepare for their retirements and to assist them with their estate planning and wealth transfer needs.

Tammee is a world traveler and had taken a year off to travel throughout Central and Western European countries, Asia, and Egypt in 2019. With her world travel and life experiences, she is excited to return to a job where she can make a difference by helping clients achieve their financial goals through financial planning. What drives her work is a commitment to keeping her clients’ best interests at heart and helping them achieve their life goals through estate planning.

For more information, or to schedule a free financial review,  please contact Tammee so she can be prepared to serve you.

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