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Protect your income
while growing your future wealth

We are dedicated to ensuring that people in, or near retirement have the necessary plans in place to provide for their financial well-being and peace of mind.

We Protect What Is Most Important To You.

At Peak American we go the extra mile for you, your family, and your loved ones even if it means making a visit to your home. We are committed to taking care of you while you are here, and your loved ones when you are gone.

Managing Your Savings

We specialize in financial planning for the mature investor, with one on one consultations to help you achieve your goals.

Leave Your Legacy

Leave your loved ones a personal gift they will remember and value. Peak American works with our clients to provide tax-free death benefits for their families.

Protect & Plan For Retirement

Our senior investment professionals can design a program around your individual needs to help you protect your retirement savings.

Manage Retirement Income

We can help you create a guaranteed income stream that you cannot outlive.

The following are areas of concern in which we help our clients. Select one to see how we address them:


"With all the ups and downs of the market, I don't want to risk my life savings on so much unpredictability. What can I do?"


Peak American addresses this problem with the solutions that help you capture market gains while also limiting exposure to the downside.
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"I don't want to be a burden on my family as I get older, and I don't want to go back to work to support my retirement." What can I do to protect my family"?


Our clients do not want to rely on just social security or a pension during retirement. We give them freedom by providing an additional guaranteed monthly income that they cannot outlive.
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“What if I get really sick and need to be in the hospital for a long time? I don’t have the money for that, and I don’t want to rely on my family to handle it.”


Our clients are concerned with who will take care of them if they ever become too ill to take care of themselves. We assist our clients with solutions that leverage funds they already have, eliminating the need for expensive traditional LTC policies.
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"Prices keep going up every year just for basic needs. How can I afford to keep up with inflation when I'm no longer working?"


If you are a retiree living on your savings, it can difficult to maintain the same living standard if inflation cuts into your purchasing power with every passing year. We solve the problem with solutions that can return significantly better returns than CDs or money market accounts without the risk associated with being directly "in the market."
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"I want to leave my loved ones a personal gift they will remember and value. How can I do this without placing a huge tax burden on them"?


Our clients specifically do not want to leave a tax burden on their children and loved ones. We ensure that the beneficiaries receive the funds intended to go to loved ones in the most tax-efficient manner with solutions that provide tax-free death benefits.
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